LPSS Weekly Events

LAMBRICK PARK LIONS Weekly Events March 4 – March 8

Lambrick Park Lions Weekly Events    March 4 – 8, 2019 – WEEK 2

 Lambrick Park School Musical Theatre March 5-9 – “LEGALLY BLONDE” – tickets on sale – Lambrick Park office


  • Remember to use your Thrifty Foods Smile Card for grocery shopping each visit – we get a donation every time you do!  Don’t have one?? They are ready for pick up in the school office.
  • A HUGE THANK YOU to Thrifty Foods Tuscany Village for donating $100 of food to our Breakfast of Champions event yesterday.
  • Another HUGE THANK YOU to the parents who donated amazing food and assistance in putting on the Staff Appreciation lunch Wednesday. Both events were received beautifully!

Purdy’s chocolates are still available to purchase for your home or workplace – contact our email or the school office

PLEASE NOTE:  missed pre-paid lunches due to snow closures can be dealt with in 2 ways:

  1. Consider it a donation to the LAMPAC budget and we will allocate the funds to the school to benefit all students
  2. Have your student speak to Mrs. Woo next week during lunch hour to arrange a free lunch(es) to compensate.

CAREER NEWS:      WEEBLY BLOG LINK http://lambrickparkcareercentre.weebly.com/blog

 NEW! School clothing is now available https://lambrickpark.sd61.bc.ca/home/new-school-clothing-is-now-available/

 Dear Families,

 This month’s Substance Use SNAPSHOT focuses on Vaping and includes information and resources to consider.  If you wish to view the SNAPSHOT, click on the link provided below.

                   To access the Substance Use Snapshot for March, click the link below:

Secondary Substance Use Snapshot- Vaping March 2019


 Monday March 4

  • Course selection during block B for anyone who was missed
  • Interim reports for at risk students
  • GHMS Grade 8 students invited to attend “Legally Blonde” Lambrick Park School’s musical theatre preview!
  •             CHINESE FOOD $7.00 – Sweet & Sour Pork, Beef & Broccoli, Vegetable Chop Suey

 Tuesday March 5

  • Lambrick Park Band to perform at GHMS
  • Lambrick Park School Musical Theatre presents “LEGALLY BLONDE” – OPENING NIGHT
  •             PIZZA $3.00/$5.00 – Pepperoni/Bacon, Hawaiian, Cheese

 Wednesday March 6

  •             CALZONE $5.00 – Pepperoni/Bacon, Hawaiian, Cheese

 Thursday March 7

  •             CHICKEN STRIPS $5.00 (5) with dip & side

Friday March 8

  • SUSHI $5.00 – California, Avocado, Vegetable

 Saturday March 9

  • Lambrick Park School Musical Theatre presents “LEGALLY BLONDE” – CLOSING NIGHT


  • GHMS course selection – March 11
  • Family of schools concert – March 13
  • SPRING BREAK – March 18 – 29