Apply to Lambrick Park

Lambrick Park Secondary is proud to welcome students from communities around the world. If you have any questions or you would like more information about our school, please feel free to contact us at 250-477-0181 or

Lambrick LogoFor students within School District 61 who are currently in another Victoria school catchment, see the section below called Cross Boundary Transfer Process.

For student applying to the Baseball & Softball Academy, please see section below called Baseball & Softball Academy.

Apply To Lambrick Park

Paper copies of the following forms are available for pickup in our Lambrick Park office.

For Existing School District 61 Students

For students within School District 61 who are currently in another school catchment in Victoria:

To apply to Lambrick Park, please submit the following:

For Students New to School District 61

If new to Greater Victoria School District #61, please submit the following:

Landed immigrants also need to include:

  • Original Landed Immigrant or Canadian Citizenship status papers
  • Proof that parents are “ordinarily resident” in BC within the catchment.

Baseball & Softball Academy

The Baseball & Softball Academy is a district program that provides guaranteed admission to Lambrick Park for students that are accepted into the program.

To apply for the Baseball & Softball Academy, please submit the following:

Cross Boundary Transfer Process

To determine your catchment family of schools, you may use the School Locator at

The process for Secondary students who wish to apply for a transfer from their pathway school is as follows:

  • Acquire a K-12 Student Transfer Application (2016-2017).  Transfer forms are also available at all schools and on the website February 16 and 24, 2017.
  • All completed student transfer forms must be received at the Greater Victoria School District #61 administration office, 556 Boleskine Road, Victoria, BC V8Z 1E8, Friday, February 24, 2017, no later than 3:00 PM.
  • A meeting with the secondary principal to obtain a signature for transfer approval is no longer required.
  • Parents / guardians will receive notification of the decision by March 31, 2016

Note: Students who are applying for the Baseball & Softball Academy do not need to complete the Cross Boundary Transfer Process.  See Baseball & Softball Academy section above.