Digital Citizenship

“Digital Citizenship” at Lambrick Park Secondary is appropriate and responsible behaviour with regard to technology use. Digital citizenship should be practiced in every course, throughout the school and at home. It is an ongoing partnership between teachers, students and parents. Just as teachers build an awareness of the importance of digital citizenship at school, parents can support and reinforce these concepts with their children at home.

Students at Lambrick Park Secondary are expected to approach use of technology with the following digital citizenship guidelines in mind:

  • Electronic devices are permitted in instructional areas only with the instructor’s permission.  Inappropriate use may result in the loss of the device for the day. Electronic devices are not permitted during examinations unless allowed by the instructor.  Unauthorized use of technology during an examination may result in the student facing discipline.
  • To support a productive school environment, exercise consideration when using cellular phones in all areas of the school. This means setting ringers to silent and speaking quietly and respectfully.
  • In a school assembly, students are expected to power off or turn your cell phones to silent and remove headphones.