Dogwood Diploma – at a glance:

>>>Ministry of Education Graduation Information<<<

The B.C. Certificate of Graduation or “Dogwood Diploma” is awarded to students who successfully complete the provincial graduation requirements.

Students require a minimum of 80 credits to graduate.

Of these 80 credits:

  • At least 16 credits must be at the Grade 12 level, including a required Language Arts 12
  • At least 28 credits must be elective course credits
  • 52 credits are required from the following:
    • Career-Life Education (4 credits), and Career-Life Connections (4 credits)
    • Physical and Health Education 10 (4 credits)
    • Science 10 (4 credits), and a Science 11 or 12 (4 credits)
    • Social Studies 10 (4 credits), and a Social Studies 11 or 12 (4 credits)
    • A Math 10 (4 credits), and a Math 11 or 12 (4 credits)
    • A Language Arts 10, 11 and a required 12 (12 credits total)
    • An Arts Education 10, 11, or 12 and/or an Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies 10, 11, or 12 (4 credits total)

In addition, students must also complete three new graduation assessments:

  • The new Grade 10 Graduation Numeracy Assessment was introduced in 2018
  • The new Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment will be introduced in 2019/20
  • The New Grade 12 Graduation Literacy Assessment will be introduced in 2020/21 (Grade 12’s are exempt from writing this assessment for the 2020/21 School year)

For 2019/20 and beyond, the following career education courses will be used in all BC schools:

  • Career Life Education
  • Career Life Connections

Upcoming Provincial Graduation Assessments:

You need to write the 3 Graduation Assessments in order to graduate from BC. Please see schedule for upcoming Assessment information:


  • If scheduled to write this session, you would have received an email stating the time(s) and location(s) of your assessment session(s). Please check student and parent email to be sure (if you have one from Mr MacDonald, you’re writing; if no email, you’re not).
  • For practice and more information, visit this site.
  • In general, the schedule is as follows (note: there are exceptions/unique circumstances, so please check email to be sure):



Grad 2023 Dates and Information:

More details to follow in the fall on all the activities below

Grad Winter Formal Dinner Dance – December 15th 6:00-9:00

Winter Formal:

Grads are now able to purchase tickets ($75.00) through
school cash online for the Grad Winter Formal on December 15th from
6:00 to 10:00 at The Beach House. The price includes dinner/gratuity and the
cost of the DJ for the dance.

Guest forms will be available in the office on November 14th for
those who wish to bring a guest who is not a Lambrick Park Grad. These forms
must be completed and returned to the office for approval by November 28th
prior to purchasing tickets for the guests.

Students will be asked to sign up for a table in the office
starting on December 5th after purchasing tickets. Students who do not sign up
for a table will be assigned seating.

Ticket sales will close on December 9th.

GRAD2023  Photos

December 12-16 contact PRESTIGE PORTRAITS prestigeportraits.ca

Grad Convocation Ceremony at UVic

Lambrick Graduation Held at the University of Victoria – Uvic Farquhar Auditorium

June 7th  2023 – 7:00 – 9:00

Rehearsal: UVic Farquhar Auditorium at 8:45am
Anyone participating in the ceremony must attend the rehearsal (NO EXCEPTIONS)
Cap and gown not required for rehearsal
Meet in the lobby of UVic Farquhar Auditorium at 8:45am
Paid Parking at UVic (Consider carpooling and buying a day pass)
No food or drinks in the auditorium (closed water bottles acceptable)
We are guests. Treat the facility and staff with respect
This is a formal event.
Know where you are in the ”two lines”. Which line and who is in front and behind you.
We will rehearse:
walking into the auditorium in order and getting to your seats
walking to the stage in the correct order
walking across the stage and back to your seats in the proper order
moving through the program for the MC’s
After this most will be able to leave
Grad Song Rehearsal
Valedictorian Rehearsal
Keynote speaker rehearsal.


All students back to UVic at 5:30 wearing cap and gown
Move to the lawn behind the auditorium for the class photo (Families may take photos at this time)
Organize into the two lines outside the back of the auditorium at 6:45

Ceremony begins at 7:00

Tickets for the ceremony will be available for purchase in the spring through school cash online.

Watch the Live Stream of the Graduation Ceremony

This Stream Will Begin At 7:00pm on June 21st


Grad Dinner/Dance

June 28th 6:00-10:00

The Beach House

All students attending must sign up for a table
Sign up list available on Monday, June 12th
Arrive between 6:00 and 6:30 at the latest
Each person will be checked in at the door
Bags and purses are subject to search
There is no re-entry. Once you leave you can not return
Anyone suspected of being under the influence will not be admitted and no refund will be provided
Grads are responsible for the behavior of their guests