TUESDAY March 30

The Chapter One Book Club is meeting on Wednesday at lunch in the library. New members are always welcome.

Grade 9 students! Do you need help with your Careers assignments? See Ms. Jensen in the library this Thursday after school.

If you feel like training for any type of track & field events, we will be offering (physically distanced) practice opportunities on Monday and Wednesday this week at 3:15.  Please meet on the field next to the gym.

This Wednesday & Thursday is March 31st and April 1st… two odd days in a row.  Just a reminder odd groups at the school back to back.

Breaks for students – Please minimize wandering the halls and congregating during break!

On class breaks students should:

  1. Wear a mask properly
  2. Not travel or hangout in groups
  3. Go outside when possible
  4. Adhere to washroom capacity rules
  5. Be quiet and respectful as to not disrupt other classes (that includes not going into the gym or other classrooms while on their breaks)

Weight room – please no more than 15 students in the weight room at one time – Sign IN & Sign OUT must be completed!

Please make sure to wear your masks, social distance  & clean equipment after each use