LAMPAC Overview

Mission Statement

Constitution Sept 2017

All parents and guardians of students at Lambrick Park automatically belong to the Lambrick Park Secondary Parent Advisory Council (LAMPAC).

The purpose of LAMPAC is to foster meaningful parent/guardian participation in all aspects of student education and contribute to a sense of school community at Lambrick Park Secondary School. 

“Parents as Partners” in education is very much a part of the supportive environment at Lambrick Park.

We strive to:

·       promote the well-being of the student in the school, home and community;

·       enhance communication between parents/guardians, students and the community and school/district staff and administration;

·       provide a forum for consultation with the school administration and staff;

·       support and enrich the activities of the students through financial assistance

      All Parents/Guardians Welcome!

PAC Meetings are generally held once a month on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in the school library. (Refer to the school online calendar for any changes)

We communicate with the parents/guardians predominantly through emails and the school newsletter. You can contact your Executive members through our email

School Activities

An Executive of volunteer parents/guardians who are elected at the Annual General Meeting in June of each year plays an active role in coordinating programs, such as:

·       emergency preparedness

·       parent education

·       health, fitness and safety projects

·       hot lunch days

·       assistance to teachers and coaching staff

·       special events

·       fundraising

We appreciate and require support from all parents/guardians and welcome ideas and suggestions at any time.

Donation Drive

To alleviate the need for multiple ‘asks’ for volunteer hours or fundraising projects, the PAC has a Donation Drive at the beginning of each year.  100% of the funds benefit our students, programs, and events to enhance their school experience and offer additional learning opportunities.

Any and all donations of any amount are gratefully accepted!  (Suggested donations are $50/student or $75/family.)

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to LAMPAC initiatives, your contribution may qualify for a charitable tax receipt. Please contact a member of the PAC Executive, the school office or complete & return the forms sent home at the beginning of the school year.

We thank you in advance for your support!