Why Choose Lambrick Park?

Student Comments

“I love this school!! There are so many positive things I can say about it, the list would be HUGE! When they say PRIDE is what they are all about they truly mean it. Walking through the halls is amazing, teachers, staff and students all smiling and saying “Hello” to each other, it’s nice to see. Also it’s a “small” school of only about 700, its atmosphere where everyone is family. From the various clubs and sports teams there are events and tournaments to attend.”

“I like how it is one the smaller schools in the community therefore you know almost all the students and the teachers know you. The school is in the middle of a great neighbourhood so there are always friendly people walking by. When you come in the school you feel safe. There isn’t a lot of bullying that you can see in the hallways so that makes the kids feel like they can be who they want and do their own thing without worrying what other people think of them.”
“Lambrick Park: the name of the lion and pride, a place where everyone feels at home and connected. Over the years Lambrick has played a huge part in everyone’s life with the help if all the teachers and friendships we have embraced. It is a place full of love and opportunity and I wouldn’t have chosen a better high school to attend.”

“Lambrick is a wonderful school and neighborhood. The school has many international students which means you get to know people from different places. Also it’s great when grads from the baseball academy come back and work out in the gym. It really helps you get a sense of what college/university life is like. Lastly Lambrick had lots of male students which means if you are a guy then you will most likely have a ton of friends.”

“Lambrick is a wonderful life changing environment. The education is outstanding and the staff and students are nothing but helpful, understanding and kind. Lambrick is the smallest school but filled with the biggest hearts on the island. If I’ve learned anything about being here it’s that everyone in this world has a purpose and destined to fill that purpose. Pride, Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, Enthusiasm.”

“Lambrick Park first caught my attention by hearing of a baseball academy and what a great chance it would be for me to take my ball to the next level. I also enjoy the size of the school being small it’s easy to get around and you know most faces around the school. The class sizes are small making academics a real breeze and easier to learn. I enjoy the staff and students plus the cool activities and events that take place. Lambrick Park is a great school.”

Parent Comments

“We were told Lambrick Park was a friendly school with a positive environment. After visiting the school for the first time, we knew it was the right place for our daughter. We have never regretted our decision!”

“We have been fortunate to have our children attend Lambrick Park. The staff and the environment are inspiring and engaging. Everyone puts so much time and effort into this place.”

“LP is a unique environment that is so supportive of students, parents and staff…it makes everyone feel part of a family.”

“My daughter has gone from being a kid close to failing to being happily engaged in school life with lots of healthy friends. This is all because of the sense of community and respect she feels at Lambrick. The school has delivered on promises.”