Physical Education Fit for Life/Active Living

FIT for LIFE/Active Living PE is a credit course offered inside the regular day schedule that focuses on the promotion of life-long physical and mental healthy lifestyles, wellness, and nutrition.This will be an encouraging and supportive environment focused on more personal choice in physical activity, personal goal-setting and engaging in physical pursuits that will last through adulthood. Community recreation access and awareness will be a focus, including inviting guest instructors in the classes. Students will be introduced to a number of “Fit For Life” style activities that could include:  yoga, pilates, zumba, dancersize and aerobics, hiking, walking, trail running, circuit training, swimming, martial arts, spin classes or rock climbing – based on the personal preferences decided by the student.  Orientation to strength training and cross fit will include visits to Gordon Head Rec Center and UVic facilities. Lessons on setting appropriate nutritional, and exercise routines to meet or maintain personal health and fitness goals. Seminars will be held in mental health and wellness practices, which will also be reinforced as an integrated part of PE classes.  Exploration of recreational, friendly games with an emphasis on participation in a confidence building, non-competitive environment will be reviewed.


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Tom Turnbull