Student Digital Citizenship

Lambrick Park Secondary School

Student Contract for Digital Citizenship

*This student contract is the third of three parts of a School District, LPSS Staff and LPSS Student policy regarding student use of personal and school-provided digital technology.

1. I will be a good digital citizen. I will not do anything that hurts other people or is against the law, my family’s rules, or the LPSS Student Code of Conduct. I understand that to have technology rights I have to be a responsible user of technology.

2. I will not respond to any message that is inappropriate in any way and/or makes me feel uncomfortable. It is not necessarily my fault if I receive a message or image that is inappropriate. If I receive an inappropriate message or image, I will report the incident to my parents or a school staff member right away so they can support me and help solve the problem.

3. I will check with my parents or a school staff member before downloading/installing software, purchasing goods/services or doing anything that could possibly hurt computers or jeopardize my family’s or school’s privacy and/or financial security. I will keep programs such as anti-virus, spyware and adware up-to-date to protect hardware and information.

4. I will remember that I need to balance technology use with other activities to maintain my health and wellbeing.

5. I will remember that not all people have access to technology. I will not treat others differently if they do not have the same options I have.

6. I will help my parents and school staff members understand how to have fun and learn things online. I will help them learn things about the Internet, computers and other technology if they are not already expert users.