Peer Tutors

Peer Tutoring 11/12

Peer Tutoring 11/12 is a 4 credit course. It will require a significant time commitment either during school or outside of a regular class time. You will be working with a variety of students with all manner of learning challenges. Classroom discussions and lessons will be a mandatory component of this course. As this is a course that is outside of the timetable, students will be expected to attend sessions set up by the teacher at lunch. The following are examples of the ways Peer Tutors can support their Peers in the school:

  • Help the teacher within your existing class, to keep a perfect binder of notes and assignments.
  • Work in a class with the direction of the classroom teacher, to help students with class assignments and understanding of course material.
  • Help during lunch or afterschool in the Peer Tutoring designated classroom, with students needing one-on-one homework assistance.
  • Help students with developmental challenges to learn life skills. (ie. Support during lunch feeding or supervising activities)
  • Develop activities for students with developmental challenges to engage in, during their classroom or free time.
  • Create and present, a power point presentation, for the class on a specific learning challenge.

Develop relationships with peers struggling with mental health issues and supportĀ  where needed

For more information on accessing student support or inquiring about becoming a Peer Tutor, please contact Ms. Sandra Heggie at 250-477-0181 or by e-mail at