Sports Performance Basketball

This  course is a credit course which occurs inside the regular day schedule and is geared towards the basketball player who wishes to improve performance. This will be a multi‐graded class. Students will work on basic skills, strategies, and concepts related to basketball. Additionally students will be able to train using a variety of methods such as weights, circuits and plyometrics  to improve performance. Students will also spend time in the classroom learning about nutrition, hydration and proper self-care for high level athletes. This course will also include lessons based around life as an athlete in a post-secondary setting. This course will provide an opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills within an athletic setting. This course is intended for students that take their fitness and training very seriously; most students will be involved with high level sports either inside the school or within the community. In these classes game participation is not the focus, instead students will be working on developing their strength, agility, speed and skills. Students will be asked and encouraged to work at a very high level in terms of pushing themselves to achieve maximum improvement in all aspects of the game of basketball.


Gary Baker