Support Services

The Support Services Department coordinates support services to all students with learning needs. Educational Assistants (EA’s) support students in regular, learning centre and learning strategies classes.

Learning Strategies 10, 11 and 12 classes are offered to students who require Learning Assistance at the recommendation of their school counselors and/or administrators. This locally developed course explores various organizing techniques, studying habits, advocating skills and test-taking tips/strategies. Students will receive support time for study and for homework.

Additionally, for students with severe learning needs. Lambrick Park Secondary offers Life Skills classes based on student ability and future needs. This means focusing on modified learning tasks, basic functioning and social development. Students on this pathway are considered to be working on a school leaving certificate. While they may graduate, they will not receive a Dogwood Diploma but they will participate in graduation with their peers. Life Skills is offered to students with severe learning needs. This course focuses on basic numeracy and literacy as well as basic functioning skills for independence.

The foundation for educational support rests on Lambrick Park’s commitment to an inclusionary model where belonging and participating in the school community are valued and upheld by both students and staff. With this as its premise, the model facilitates a wide framework of support so that classroom and Learning Strategies teachers and parents share responsibility for student achievement. Expanding awareness, responsibility and ownership broadens and strengthens success. The school’s record for dramatic gains in behaviour and educational achievements attests to the commitment Lambrick Park teachers have to being flexible and responsive while focusing on personalized learning.